Silver package

This, breathtaking halos of red twinkling spider shells will fill the night sky and slowly cascade back down over the top of the red fan. followed by golden bombettes with sapphire blue squibs dart across the sky forming a rainbow of gold and blue droplets; simultaneously above this wave after wave of exploding aqua blue shells explode in all shades of blue, turquoise and lilac.

Flicker flares will create a beautiful setting, like a magnesium silver strobe light. Mean while, multicolored roman candles will rise from the ground creating a matrix of flickering stars. Overhead three blue coconut palm shells with spinning white centers will explode, totally filling the sky as far as the eye can see.

Gold package

The gold package offers a great value,including alot of gold rain showers and falling leaves,a must see,ideal for weddings,businesses,and engagements.

This show package can be built to your specs. There is a wide variety of products that can be incorporated,from gold mist to gold fountains,crowns and crosettes to palms and willows a mix of some reds and blues with a hint of lilac.

This is a royal based show design and is a excellent crowd pleaser!

Platinum package

Combinations of a wide variety of all the shells are customized and synced to create this spectacular and amazing show!!

In the PLATINUM PACKAGE we use only superior quality display cakes and material which is a top caliber rated. This Dynamic Creative and Exciting Colossal display includes Brilliant Palm Trees, Giant Gold Kamuros, Willows, Hearts, Shell of Shells,100 Shot Mine Cakes, Butterflies and Angel wings, 300 Shot gold Palm Cakes, Waterfalls in the Sky with Huge Silver Crossettes turning into a silver rain mist that will dance across the sky. Every show has a grand finale with this Package  the finale consists a Special Blend of  selected Display cakes and super shells only available through

Fire in sky This finale is called the “TNT” package

This Display package has a  Duration12-20 minutes.

Diamond package

A true firework spectacular, this stunning display lasts 10 to 15 minutes.  The display consists of intricate single shot sections, multiple roman candle bundles (creating stunning lattices across the sky) and more high calibre barrages and professional display shells than you could ever imagine. This is the ultimate wedding firework display that will take you and your guests breath away with its grandeur and beauty.